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Our friends at Activision have sent us Big League Sports for the Xbox 360 for us to review. It is one of the latest sports game for the Kinect. But is it a game the you have to add to your library? We will answer this in our full review. Now, let’s get started!


Game Modes

In Big League Sports you can play 6 different sports. They are Golf, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, and Hockey. All of them are great and will give you fun for hours. You can play with up to 4 people at once for anyone of the games. In total there are 18 different modes but, there are 3 for each different sport. We are going to highlight our 3 favorite sports. Keep in mind that all of them are fun. The first one is Golf- this one is quite entertaining. The 3 modes are Driving mode, Putting Challenge and Big League Golf. The first two help you build up the skills you will need to play in the Big League mode. Big League mode is found in all different sport categories. In driving mode you practice hitting the golf ball, this is a skill you will need. Putting challenge is where your practice putting, you will also need this skill. Then you move into Big League Golf, this where it all come together and you play a full game of golf. The Next sport is Football, the 3 modes are TD Toss, Field Goal, and Big League Football. In TD Toss your practice being the quarter back and try to throw the football to get a touch down. In field goal you practice kicking for a field goal. Big League Football is where it all comes together, this is where you show off all of your skills that you have learned. And our last sport that we are going to be highlighting is Hockey. It’s 3 modes are Slapshot Challenge, Goalie Gauntlet, and Big League Hockey. Slapshot Challenge is where you go head to head with the net and try to score a goal. Goalie Gauntlet is where you are the goalie and don’t let anything past you. Big League Hockey is where you play a game of hockey, well sort of full game. Overall, Big League Sports is great. It is especially great to play at party or with your friends.


Graphics And Game Control

The graphics in Big League Sports are okay, they are not the best we have seen. In some cases when we were playing Golf, the ball did look like a baseball a little bit. For the most part the graphics were good and they get the job done. As far as game control goes, it gets your whole entire body moving. For the most part it’s not real sports. It is as close as your will get without actually going out and playing these sports though. The sports are real but, sometimes the way you play it could be better. They are not completely life-like, that is the way you control it. For the most part though Big League Sports is good.


Bottom Line

Big League Sports is a great part game for the Kinect. Playing it alone for a long time can get boring. So invite your friends and you will have a blast. There are 18 different modes that will keep the party going for a long time. It is a game that you would want to add to your arsenal of awesome Kinect games. Big League Sports for the Xbox 360 retails for $39.99 . You Can Get Your Copy Of Big League Sports For The Xbox 360, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank Activision for providing us with a copy of “Big League Sports For The Xbox 360”.


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