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Our friends over at T-Moible have sent us the T-Moible Springboard for us to review. It was one of the newest 4G Tablet’s to join T-Mobile’s network. It is one of the newest 7 inch tablets on the market. Lately we have been reviewing 10 inch tablets, they have taken over the market. Now, let’s get started with the full review of the T-Mobile Springboard.


Hardware And Design

The T-Mobile Springboard is built very well. The T-Mobile Springboard is made by Huawei. It is one of their first 7 inch tablets and it did take a while for it to make it on the market. It is finally available now, and from the build quality alone, I can tell they spent a lot of time on this device. It is built very well, the back is almost complexity aluminum except for two plastic pieces. It’s design makes it very easy to hold. The 2 plastic pieces hold the camera, and the other one comes off to expose the SIM Card and micro SD card. The back camera is 5 megapixels and records video in 720pHD. On the back you also have T-Mobile and Google’s logo, as well as the 4G/WiFi logo. On the bottom of the device is the power plug, mini HDMI port, and micro USB port. The right hand side is home to the power/sleep button and the volume rocker. Your speakers and headphone jack, is located on the top of the unit. The sides of the unit are all aluminum, same as the one found on the back. Above the screen you have your front-facing VGA camera. The dimensions of the Springboard are 7.48 inches X 5.08 inches X .41 inches. It’s weight is only 1.34 pounds making it very light and portable. It has a 7 inch touch screen display, with a resolution of 1280 X 800. The screen is great, it has great contrast. The Springboard’s display does not disappoint. For speed it has a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8260 processor. It runs very fast and there is not usually a delay. However every once in a while when you open a large app, it may slow down a bit. It runs on T-Mobile 4G Network, so you will get fast Data speeds. Keep in mind it all depends on the T-Mobile’s network speeds in your area. The battery last for around 7 hours, so as long as you charge it after you use it; You should be fine. In terms of sound, it has the usually tablet speakers. It is good when you are listening by your self, with no other loud noise. However plugging in a pair of headphones, would be your best bet for great sounds. In terms of space there is a  micro SD card slot built-in, however it does not come with a micro SD card. It can hold up to a 32GB micro SD card, if you need more space. Overall, design and hardware of the T-Mobile Springboard are great and is defiantly a great 7 inch tablet.


Operating System

The T-Mobile Springboard is an Android tablet. It is running Android 3.2 Honeycomb. At first it was a little strange to see Honeycomb running on 7 inch tablet. However it runs well on the Springboard, and takes very little time to get used to. Huawei and T-Mobile left Android 3.2 Honeycomb, pretty much the way it is. There is no customizations or special User Interface on the T-Mobile Springboard. They added a couple of widgets but, besides that it is the stock version of Android 3.2 Honeycomb. If for some reason you don’t like the widgets or just want to get ride of them, you can simply delete them and add them back if you ever want to. The widgets that come pre-loaded are mainly from T-Mobile. You have the T-Mobile Bonus Apps widget, Family Organizer, Tips, and more. In terms of apps it come’s pre-loaded with AccuWeather.com, Blio, Blockbuster, Bonus Apps, Facebook, Get Web Now(T-Mobile), Let’s Golf 2, Mobile Hotspot, MyAccount(T-Mobile), MyDevice(T-Mobile), Netflix, Qello, QuickOffice Pro, Security, Slacker Radio, Sportacular, T-Mobile TV, TeleNav GPS Navigator, QIK Video Chat, Yelp, Google App Suite, Zinio, and more. Overall, the Operating System on the Springboard is great and is extremely user-friendly.


Bottom Line

The T-Mobile Springboard is a great tablet! T-Mobile and Huawei spent their time on building a great tablet. It is built very well and you can tell this just from a few minutes of playing around with the tablet. It has a great Aluminum and Plastic design, it makes it very comfortable to hold. It is running on T-Mobile’s great 4G Network and for even more speed it has a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8260 processor. It has a great 7 inch scree that does not disappoint, it gives great contrast and the colors show up great on it. It has a great operating system, Android 3.2 Honeycomb. Overall, the T-Mobile Springboard would be a great tablet for anyone looking for a feature rich and low-priced tablet. The T-Mobile Springboard will cost you only $180 after a $50 mail-in-rebate with a 2-year contract. It will cost you $429.99 with out a 2-year contract. It would also be a great choice if you want to get a tablet, but do not want to be stuck in a 2-year contract. That is if you are willing to spend $429.99 . And if you ever wanted to use T-Mobile’s 4G Network it will work with T-Mobile’s Pay-As-You plans. The T-Mobile Springboard is available for purchase today. You Can Get More Info On The T-Mobile Springboard, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank T-Mobile for providing us with a copy of the “T-Mobile Springboard”.



  1. With the exception of two plastic bits on the back, that aluminum stretches across the lid, creeps up along the edges and bumps against the screen. Those plastic pieces form two triangles on either end of the back side, with one covering the SIM and microSD slots, and the other housing the rear-facing camera.

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