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A new bill proposed in congress, dubbed SOPA or stop online privacy act, is one that could have drastic consequences for the sphere of the internet. It’s aim is to stop the rampant piracy that has been occurring on the internet through sharing of copywrited music, games, images, and software. Even with good intentions, it may actually serve to give the government extra powers under the guise of protection of intellectual property. Critics, which include Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, AOL, Ebay, Linkedin, Wikimedia, Mozilla, human rights watch, and Brookings institute, say that the law will serve as an effective censorship of the internet because of the broad powers the law gives. However, many media companies support the bill because it protects their investments. And another questions is whether the bill will see widespread use if it is passed.  Whatever your opinion, questions over internet regulation and privacy will certainly be the core of continued legal and moral debates.


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