With the holiday season coming up, people are scrambling around for gifts to give. This guide is here to help you out. Most of all, gift giving involves a bit of observation, a bit of luck, and a bit of searching through catalogs.


Expensive gadgets…

1. Kindle 79 and up

These ebook readers have become all the rage and the Kindle Fire seems more like a tablet. This gift is great for people who simply like reading

2. Kinect about 100-150

While they officially require an xbox to play games with, the kinect can also be modified to serve as a 3d camera and a host of other things. Not only is it a innovative form of gaming, but the high tech equipment inside makes it great for the person who likes to tinker with electronics

3. Remote control toys  price varies

From the quad blade  parrot AR drone to a rc truck, remote control toys are simply fun. Children love them, but adults can also get a kick out of these toys too. It is recommended to stay away from rc planes or hobby grade helicopters as they have a sharp learning curve


Slightly Cheapter

1. Books $10-$50

While books are a bit generic, selecting a good book allows you to specify the gift to a particular person. Maybe they would like a book about art history or Whitman. A bit of warning though: Try to stay away from the popular books on a subject unless you’re sure the person you’re giving it to does not have it.

2. Bucky balls $30

These magnetic balls are basically a expensive form of stress relievers. They both serve the function of giving one’s hands something to do. However, they do make a nice gift

3. Sugru $10-$20

This clay like material is great for repairing things around the house. Once you mold it, it will try and harden within a few days.

4. CD $10

This is self explanatory, but make sure to choose the right one.

5. Gift cards

while most gift guides tell you not to buy gift cards, they are useful when you have to give a gift to someone you do not know that well.



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