Most of our gaming systems now have been pretty much the same. We control a character which is displayed on the screen. Sure there have been advancements such as the Kinect and the Wii and gaming systems like the PS3 and XBox which are considerably faster than before, but the method of communication between the game and human has remained relatively unchanged. However, with the advent of new technologies, that may change. An example is this video on YouTube.  It basically makes the best equivalent of a holodeck from star trek (even though it does require help from some humans in the background). Projector systems seems like the way to go for immersive gaming. They are compact and able to adapt to different set ups. However, the best system is useless without a good game. Good video games are not good because of the graphics or gaming system. They are good because the game is fun to play. (Repackaging Call of Duty does not count as a new game). The race for technology is nice, but we will not see games with good story lines until game developers realize this.


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