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Today is December 4 and that means that the LG Nitro HD is now available! You Can See Our Full Review Of The LG Nitro HD For AT&T, By Clicking Here. The LG Nitro HD is the first phone to have a True 4.5 inch HD Display and it is the best feature of the device. It is a gorgeous screen that does everything right. It also features an amazing 8 mega-pixel HD camera, 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor, access to AT&T’s 4G LTE Network, and much more! Now, when AT&T first announced the device that said that it would cost $249.99 with a 2-year contract. But on there website for me it is showing that it will only cost $149.99 with a 2-year contract if you buy online! That is a saving of $100, so if you can wait a little longer get it only. You Can Get The LG Nitro HD From AT&T, By Clicking Here. Be sure to let us know if you go out and get one! And Be Sure To Check Out Our Full Review, By Clicking Here.



  1. I read the review and of course there are varying opinions regarding the durability of the phone. I am interested in the 8 MP camera and the HD screen because I’m considering leaving my iPhone and going to Android for the Adobe Flash. I watch a lot of TV on my iPhone and although I want Flash I don’t want to take a step backwards with the other features. My DISH Network Sling Adapter allows me connect my employee HD service to my Sling and get live and recorded TV anywhere I have internet. I love it because just yesterday I was at my mom’s house and watching American Choppers (because they won’t get pay TV.) Can someone call my parents and get them into the 21st century?

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