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Our friends over at Sony have sent us the Sony Handycam CX130 for us to review. It is one of Sony’s newest camcorders! It has a very portable design and some great features. But it does it live up to the other camcorders that Sony has made, we will find out in the full review. Now, let’s get started with the full review of the Sony Handycam CX130!


In The Box

The Sony Handycam CX130 comes with almost everything you need out of the box. In terms of cable you get the USB Cable Extension, charging wall outlet, charging cord, AV Cables, and another set of AV Cables. All of the cables will come in handy whenever you use the camera. The main USB Cable is built into the camera, so it comes with an extension for it. The one that is built-in, is quite small and will most likely not reach the computer’s USB port. It was very nice of them to include it in the box. It also comes with the cameras battery, it hold a pretty good charge but you may want to go out and get an extra battery. For long trips you will need it, especially if you don’t charge it. In terms of space the Sony Handycam CX130 has 16GB of internal storage, but it does not come with an SD Card. I strongly suggest that if you’re taking a lot of video, get the SD Card from your local electronics retailer. Overall, the Sony Handycam CX130 comes with most of the things you need out of the box.


Main Features

The Sony Handycam CX130 has a super portable design. One of it’s best features is that it has a built-in USB cable. This lets you quickly plug it into your computer for importing, without having to take anything else out besides the camera. In terms of controls the CX130 has a 3.0 Touch Screen Display. It works pretty well, at times it can slow down a little bit. You have the record button, mode button, and zoom in/out button. In terms of ports there is the charging port, AV port, HDMI port, and USB port. You also have a power and playback button on the camera. When shooting in sun light with the camera, the image did get a little distorted. However at night or when shooting in the dark the camera performed much better. This is thanks to its Sony G-Lens. It records video in a maximum of 1080pHD. It also has built-in stabilization, to make the footage steady even when you are walking around. It has a 42X extend zoom, so you can catch the action even from far away. It can also get wide-angle shots thank’s to it 29.8 millimeter wide-angle lens. Overall, the Sony Handycam CX130 has some great features but video quality could be better.


Bottom Line

Overall the Sony Handycam CX130 is good. It is definitely not a pro-user camera but, more as a simple video camera. It does not have some of the high-end features of other Sony camcorders. The video quality is okay but, there may be better choices out there. It’s design is super portable, making it perfect for people who want to film stuff on the go. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple camcorder. The Sony Handycam CX130 retails for $399.99 direct from Sony. You Can Get Your Sony Handycam CX130, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank Sony for providing us with a copy of the “Sony Handycam CX130”.


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