With the Space Shuttle gone, United States astronauts are going to need another mechanism to deliver their goods up to the International Space Station.  Recently, this has been done using Russian rockets. However, NASA may soon have another option: the Dragon Capsule riding on top of a Falcon 9 rocket developed by Space X. Traditionally, satellites and rockets carrying them into space have been reliant on government technology, but the development of a space industry has changed that. Space X distinguished itself as one of the first companies to develop rockets capable of going into orbit. Recently, it has been testing its Dragon Space Capsule. The ultimate goal of this is to sign a deal with NASA to ferry astronauts and cargo to the space station. On Feb. 7, a Space X rocket will launch from Cape Canaveral. Its cargo will be a Dragon Capsule which will have the task of docking with the International Space Station. If successful, this will mark another milestone for the space industry.


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