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Our friends over at Yoostar have sent us Yoostar On MTV for us to review. When i first heard about this game, i thought it would be fun to play. Especially with your friends or at parties. Ah but, does it live up to all of the hype around it? We will answer that in the full review. Now, let’s get started with the full review of Yoostar On MTV!


Game Modes

Haven’t you always wanted to be MTV? With Yoostar On MTV, you can be in some of there most popular TV shows or star in some music videos. Either way your to bound to have some good laughs all around. For instance you can star in the Jersey Shore, Rob And Big, Sweet 16, and many more. You get a total of 82 Scenes with the game, that includes both TV Shows and Music Videos. Now, if that is not enough for you there is a ton of downloadable content for you to choose from. However they do cost money, so make sure you like the scene. Now playing the game is very simple. It puts you into the show or music video. It can be compared to Karaoke if you will. First you choose the show or music video you want to be in. Then you choose the character, if there are more than one available. Then you set up the screen by stepping out then stepping into the character place. And your read the lines that get highlighted in orange. Or if you would like you can improve your own lines. In music videos you just sing along to the lines. Overall, the different options for performing in Yoostar On MTV will keep your entertained for hours!



Yoostar On MTV has come along way since the original Yoostar. In terms of putting you into the scene it looks a lot more realistic. It doesn’t show the background any more ,for the most part, it will just show you the actor/actress. And if for some reason it doesn’t work, you can just use the built-in troubleshooting menu to get some help. First you have to step out of the Kinect’s view that way it can identify the background. Then you jump back in and position your self with in the lines of the character. If it doesn’t work well the first time, it gives you the option to re-do the process again that way you can get it perfect. The technology that Yoostar On MTV uses is amazing and definitely makes the game much better.


Bottom Line

Yoostar On MTV is a great game that will give your hours of fun. It is great for playing by yourself or playing it at a party with all of your friends. It really puts you into the action and it makes the party much more fun. There are many different scenes and music videos available right not he disc that will keep your entertained. If you’re looking for even more roles to star in just check out the Store. Some of the Downloadable Content is even free and the prices are not too bad. I would recommend Yoostar On MTV to any Kinect owner as it is a great game to have in your collection. Yoostar On MTV retails for the low price of only $29.99 and it is available now. For More Info On Yoostar On MTV, Please Click Here. We would like to thank Yoostar for providing us with a copy of “Yoostar On MTV”.


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