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Well, AT&T has added some more free WiFi in NYC. And today they launched 4 additional parks, Mineral Springs and Tavern on the Green in Central Park, Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park and Devoe Park in the Bronx. It Central and Battery Park more than 200,000 connections have been made. AT&T is adding free WiFi as part of the five-year digital initiative with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the City of New York. They offer free WiFi in locations across all 5 boroughs. While the WiFi is available to everyone, AT&T devices will automatically switch on to it and off of it. Making it much more easier to take advantage of this great service. Now, since it’s launch in June there have been more than 750,00 connections. They have also added in Hot Zones in locations like Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Ed Sullivan Theater, and more. AT&T operates the nations largest WiFi Network, they have over 29,000 Hot Spots throughout the US, with more coming soon. Have you connected to AT&T’s free WiFi locations in New York? For more info see the press release below!

Press Release

New York City Parks Visitors Made More than

750,000 Connections to Free AT&T Wi-Fi Since


AT&T Launches Four More Parks Locations to NYC Wi-Fi in the Parks Initiative

New YorkNew YorkDecember 15, 2011

Visitors are busy logging on with the expansion of free AT&T* Wi-Fi service in New York City parks across the five boroughs, including four additional parks locations launched today: Mineral Springs and Tavern on the Green in Central Park, Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park and Devoe Park in the Bronx.

Since the parks first installation in June:

  • Park visitors have made more than three-quarters of a million connections to the AT&T Wi-Fi Network.
  • More than 200,000 connections have been made in popular parks like Battery Park and Central Park.
  • Visitors are making more than 4,000 connections per day to the AT&T Wi-Fi network from NYC Parks.

“With so many visitors taking advantage of free Wi-Fi in the parks since June, this initiative has been a huge success,” said Tom DeVito, AT&T vice president and general manager for New York and New Jersey. “By adding four new locations today, we’re thrilled that millions more parks visitors can take advantage of this service all year round.”

“Parks are not only great places to throw a ball, read a book, or catch some rays or waves, they are also ideal for surfing the net,” said Parks & Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe.  “Thanks to our partnership with AT&T even more New Yorkers have benefitted from free Wi-Fi access in their local parks and we are thrilled that new sites across the city are continuing to come online.”

The launch is part of a five-year digital initiative with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the City of New York to provide free Wi-Fi at 26 locations in 20 New York City parks across the five boroughs. In addition to the four locations announced today, New Yorkers can now access free AT&T Wi-Fi at many other park locations across all five boroughs including:

  • Herbert Von King Park
  • McCarren Park Field House
  • Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • Prospect Park Picnic House
  • Astoria Park
  • Tompkins Square Park
  • Marcus Garvey Park
  • Clove Lakes Park
  • Battery Park (Battery Bosque and Ferry Landing)
  • Rumsey Playfield
  • Areas of Thomas Jefferson Park
  • Joyce Kilmer Park

AT&T Wi-Fi at city parks will be free for all users. From most AT&T smartphones and devices, customers will be able to automatically connect and switch seamlessly between AT&T’s Wi-Fi and wireless networks. Virtually all new AT&T smartphones come equipped with Wi-Fi technology, and Wi-Fi use doesn’t count toward customers’ smartphone data plans. Consumers are increasingly relying on AT&T Wi-Fi to connect in more places from more devices. New York City consumers made 24.5 million AT&T Wi-Fi connections in the third quarter of 2011 – more than all the connections made in all of 2008.

In addition to New York City parks, AT&T offers Wi-Fi hotspots and hotzones across the city. New York City Times Square was the site of the very first AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Zone, and AT&T has added hotzonesnear Rockefeller Center, near St. Patrick’s Cathedral, along Park Avenue and near the Ed Sullivan Theater. AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Zones supplement mobile broadband coverage in areas with consistently high traffic.

AT&T operates the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network** with more than 29,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots at popular restaurants, hotels, bookstores and retailers, including more than 1,250 hotspot locations in the New York metro area.

For more information on AT&T Wi-Fi locations and instructions on how to connect, visit AT&T Wi-Fi Access.


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