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Well, Google has once again changed their logo. This time it is for the holiday season, specifically Christmas! It is the Jingle Bells doodle. It starts off with the classic Google logo with some with holiday decorations around it. The Google logo itself is all white, but under each letter is a box. Each box is the color of what the letter above it is normally in the regular. Google logo. When you click it plays a note and switches up the design. You can see the photos of the homepage above and below this post. It is an awesome logo as once all of the buttons are clicked it starts playing the classic song of the holidays. And that is “Jingle Bells”. Under the logo, there is a link to follow Santa via the NORAD Santa Tracker. You can see the special Google Jingle Bells Doodle here: . Be sure to let us know what you think of it. Happy Holidays To Everyone!

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