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Well, it is the holiday season time of year again. So, the big question everyone is asking is “What Did You Get?“. Did you pick a Verizon 4G LTE Phone like the Galaxy Nexus, HTC Rezound, or Droid RAZR? Or did you get the awesome LG Nitro HD?  You get the new laptop you were dying for the like the Alienware M11X or Lenovo IdeaPad U400? Or maybe you went with an MP3 Player like the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0? Yet again you could have gone with a Tablet, like the Samsung Tab’s or the Droid XYBOARD. And we can’t forget your video games or systems like the Xbox 360 or Dance Central 2. Or you could have gotten something else that we didn’t mention. Ah but, we really want to know what gadgets and gizmos you got. So, let us know by commenting below! We hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday!


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