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HopeLine from Verizon Wireless is a great program that helps victims of domestic violence. Throughout the nation they collect phones and accessories, through drop boxes at Verizon Wireless stores. The phone is then either recycled or refurbished. All of the proceeds from this go directly to HopeLine. They give out these phones to victims of domestic violence. This way if they have to call emergency services or need someone to talk to, they will have a phone to use. These phones come pre-loaded with around 3,000 minutes. In the New York area HopeLine from Verizon does even more! As many of you know college students always want to have the latest and greatest technology. This where UHopeLine comes from, the “U” stands for University. They have set up the donation boxes for cell-phones and accessories on universities in the New York area. Rutgers University in New Jersey has these boxes. HopeLine also awards grants to victims of domestic violence. For instance, if you need help starting a business or a website, HopeLine will help you out. You write a proposal stating what you would like to do. In terms of a proposal it can be something very simple, just state what you want to start and what you will need. Then HopeLine will review your proposal and possibly provide you with a cash grant of $1,000 to $5000. The grant can be used for anything like a computer to a desk. For more info on the Grants from HopeLine please contact: Please Click Here. Verizon Wireless is planning on expanding the program in 2012. This way they can help even more people.

VZW DVE flyer 3-11-11


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