In today’s society, many people are obsessed about the newest gadget or best phone. They get distracted over the brand name or newness of the gadget. However, the point of these devices (computers, phones, etc.) is to help you whether for work or entertainment. They are not ends in themselves, but means to an ends. So the goal is not to win the race for the best gadget, but to find one that works for you. An old cellphone will work fine if you’re not going to be using all the features on a new smartphone anyway. Also, it helps sometimes to step away from all this technology and focus on being human. The best time to do this is the holidays where most people are not in a rush to finish work. Step back from the computer, internet, and TV and reflect. Thinking about the decisions you have made and relationships you have forged. Those moments, not technology are what people live life for.


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