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Well, things are not looking to good for RIM. They have cut the prices of the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB PlayBook all down to $299.99 . This is a good deal if you are into collecting technology or have been waiting to get the PlayBook. The 16GB is regularly $499.99, so you will be saving $200. The 32GB is regularly $599.99 so your savings is $300. And finally the 64GB is normally $699.99 which is a savings of $400. So, if your going to get one be sure to get one now. Why would you get the 16GB for $299.99 when you can get the 64GB for the same price. On the page it says that the sale will last until 2/4/2012, so you still have over a month to get it for this great price. However, it may not last that long. For shipping you are looking at 7-14 Days. You Can Check Out This Great Deal, By Clicking Here. And in other news you can now run the Android Market on your BlackBerry PlayBook if it has been rooted or jailbroken. The applications work perfectly on the PlayBook for the most part. For More Info On How To Get The Android Market On The BlackBerry PlayBook, Please Click Here. Courtesy Of CrackBerry. Please keep in mind that when you Jailbreak or Root any device you are doing this at your own risk. We are not telling you to go out and root or jailbreak your device. Be sure to let us know if you go out and take advantage of this deal or if you get the Android Market on the PlayBook.


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