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Intel has a new way of advertising and that is with experiments with real everyday people. And the question is “What would you do for a Ultrabook computer?”. They have made 6 experiments that were filmed in 4 cities through 3 countries. Ultrabook’s are a new style of computing inspired by Intel, they are sleek and stylish. Lenovo and Asus are just a few of the companies that are creating Ultrabook. The experiments made the consumers go beyond their everyday comfort zone in order to get a Ultrabook. Intel created this to see how far people will go to get a free Ultrabook. Some of them were to Smash Glass to get one or punching a pad until you hit it hard enough. There are 6 total experiments. You can see all of them here: . By the end of the year there will be over 75 different Ultrabook’s on the market. Overall, it was an awesome way to get the Ultrabook in too people’s mind, if only they could have done the experiments in the United States. You can see a few of the experiments below or see all of them here: .  For even more info check out the Press Release below!

Intel Ultrabook Temptations – THE EXCITED


Intel Ultrabook Temptations – THE POWERFUL



Press Release

Intel Tantalizes Consumers with ‘UltrabookTM Temptations’

Six Experiments Filmed in Four Cities, Three Countries

HONG KONG, March 16, 2012 – What would you do for an Ultrabook computer? That’s the question Intel Corporation asks in Ultrabook Temptations, a series of six light- hearted experiments filmed in four cities across three countries and posted to YouTube today.

Sleek and stylish, Ultrabooks are a new category of computers inspired by Intel. They are the next generation of mobile computing — thinner, lighter and more responsive than traditional laptops, yet just as powerful and secure.

“People are drawn to Ultrabooks. When you see one, you just want one,” said Claudine Pache, digital marketing manager for Intel Australia and New Zealand. “We created the ‘Ultrabook Temptations’ to see just how far people would go to get their hands on one.”

The six experiments, filmed in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand, set out to explore the depth of human emotions that surround these objects of desire. The experiments were “temptations” for consumers, encouraging them to go a little beyond their everyday comfort zone to earn the chance to become the proud owner of a sleek Ultrabook . The experiments were filmed spontaneously in an effort to introduce Ultrabooks and are available for viewing by an online audience.

In ”Daring Temptation” for example, an Ultrabook is installed in a display case near a busy area with the simple instruction to “Smash Glass to Win Ultrabook” and a small hammer. Would commuters prove daring enough to smash the glass in public and claim the prize?

According to Jayant Murty, Intel’s Asia Pacific director of brand strategy and integrated marketing, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes product stories are best told through the eyes of our prospective consumers. We hope that seeing the videos will stir up enough interest to go look for Ultrabooks at your nearest computer store.”

The first Ultrabooks — from brands* such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG, Samsung and Toshiba — are in stores now. By the end of the year, Intel expects more than 75 designs in market and that Ultrabooks will become mainstream devices.

The Ultrabook Temptations series can be seen at


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