Virgin Mobile USA’s Network is back up and running around a dozen hours after it went down. The posted this message on their social network pages earlier today

Update! We are happy to report that the outage has been resolved. If you are still experiencing issues, please try removing your battery and restarting your device. Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience.

It is great to see that they are back up and running but, this on top of the data throttling begging next week, makes many people want to switch. Let us know what you decide to do.

Via a Facebook post Virgin Mobile USA has informed there customers that they are currently experiencing a Nationwide data & text messaging outage. There engineers are currently looking for a way to resolve the problem and they will continue to update everyone on the issue. Apparently certain Sprint and Boost Mobile customers are also experiencing this outage. No word on if Virgin Mobile customers will receive a credit for the down time. You Can See The Post, By Clicking Here. We will update you with more info as we get it. Be Sure To Let Us Know If The Network Is Down For You, If You Are A Virgin Mobile USA Customer.



  1. Paid Virgin Mobile the monthly fee & phone is still shutting down when
    a # is dialed.

    Worked just fine until Virgin Mobile shut it down.

    Virgin Mobile can not be trusted!

    Alex, their annoying recorded Customer Service # Voiceprompt, did not even mention the problem. Is this legal?

    cc BBB.

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