Google has just officially launched Google Drive. This service has been rumored for many years, but now it is here. It is very similar to services like DropBox or Cubby. However, this service is fully integrated with Google. You can store anything from photos, videos, documents, and more. When signing up you get 5GB of space for free, this much larger than what you get for free with DropBox. Google Document files do not take away from your storage. Let’s say you need more storage, well their pricing is pretty competitive.

Purchase Additional Storage For Google Drive

  • 20GB For $5.00 Per Month
  • 80GB For  $20.00 Per Month
  • 200GB For $50.00 Per Month
  • 400GB For $100.00 Per Month
  • 1TB For $256.00 Per Month
  • 2TB For $512.00 Per Month
  • 4TB For $1,024.00 Per Month
  • 8TB For $2,048.00 Per Month
  • 16TB For $4,096.00 Per Month

As you can see it is not that bad for 20GB, as it is only $5.00 per month. 5GB’s should be good for most users, but the option is there if you need more. Google documents is now Google Drive, so all of your documents are now on the “Drive”. Now, you can access Google Drive from the web, an application on your computer, and on your smartphone. You simply just go to , to access your files, mange your drive, and to sign up for the service. The application installs a “Google Drive” folder on to your desktop. From there you can open it up and view all of your documents and other items stored there. You can also upload new files onto the drive and open the ones that are on the drive. It is very similar to Dropbox’s folder that appears on your computer. Now, one great feature about the service, is that you can open almost any type of file. Let’s say you have an Adobe Photoshop file that you were working on and you didn’t bring that computer with you. Well with Google Drive you can open it up, even if you don’t have the application. Google Drive is integrated with GMail, thus letting you send large files over an email. Just share the Google Drive file with them. Overall, I am happy to see that Google Drive is real! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Go Google: Google Drive


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