Well it’s finally here we are giving you the rundown on the Netzero Hotspot. This device is currently available for purchase with no contract at $99.95, which is one of it’s main selling points. You can also enroll in there free monthly data plan which gives you 200 MB  per month to play with for a year. This plan wouldn’t work for most since we have become so bandwidth hungry with all the interactive content on the web. But if you’re a user that only uses it for emails and some web surfing without the video content you are a perfect fit . They offer up  5 different plans, these are the current pricing :

The device is big compared to other devices that are out on the market, but keep it mind it is a hotspot and I don’t really think form factor really matters. It is powered by a 2200 mAh battery  which will give you a goods day worth of  internet use. You can easily recharge it via a micro usb. There are only two buttons the one on the left is to power it up and the right to mute/un-mute those annoying sound prompts. To display all the data there is a 2 inch screen in the front of it giving you tons of info like: signal strength, data transferred, battery life,  number of devices attached and password. It’s pretty capable allowing you to connect upwards of 8 devices. To connect to it is as simple as any other device, just find the device trough you wireless manger and enter password. NetZero also gives you an online interface to manage your device. The most important feature on you management platform is the ability to toggle between lightspeed (up to 1Mbit/s download) and Warpspeed (up to 10 Mbit/s download). This feature does come in handy because you can control your depending on what kind of content you plan on viewing. Keep in mind the faster your speeds the more data you will be using.


The best part about the device is that there is no contract you have to be tied to. When you are ready to use it just call or via web update your month plan. Also it has a great battery life and your able to connect up to 8 devices. Free- Plus plans are a great deal.


Since the device is a hotspot you want to be able to be on the go. As a commuter I would carry it on the train with me but there is just not enough coverage yet, I got a lot of drop spot along to way heading to NY. I rather keep the device on mute because it makes to many sound prompts. Pro- Platinum plans are on the expensive range you can find some better deals. On the speed arena I only managed to get  upwards to 4 Mbit/s downloads on full signal strength.


I find that a hotspot is definitely for a niche market since nowadays the internet is readily available for use on a ton of devices, you can either tether from your smart phone to jumping on your local wifi. What it boils down to is accessibility, security and data pricing. Buying such a device will depend on what your needs are. What NetZero offers might just suit your needs because you won’t have to be in a longterm relationship as internet access changes. Here is the link to purchase the device. We also have a video review attached…check it out.


NetZero Hotspot Video Review



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