Many of you have heard of recovery systems for cars, but did you know there is one for your laptop or computer?

Well, Absolute Software has LoJack for Laptops. It is an anti theft software that gets installed on your computer and  helps secure your personal information if the laptop is stolen. Whenever a customer reports a theft to Absolute Software, they also start an investigation with local law enforcement – in 2011 alone there were 13,818 investigations!

Some of you may be thinking that LoJack for Laptops is for companies and businesses only, but it is available for both companies and consumers. Currently, there are around  6,108,055 people worldwide who use Absolute’s LoJack for Laptops! Absolute Software have recovered computers from 91 countries around the world! Many computer thefts happen at airports, because when people pass the security checkpoint, they automatically assume that their belongings are safe. In fact, airports are one of the most common locations were laptops are stolen, mainly at luggage areas and terminals. Public schools, businesses, cars, and universities are other common places where thefts occur. In 2011 Absolute conducted an average of 1,000 investigations every month and the entire year resulted in 1,258 criminal charges.

Absolute Software has an entire team devoted to making sure that the thefts are properly investigated and resolved to the best of their ability. We will be conducting an interview with Ward Clapham, Vice President of Recovery Services at Absolute Software. Ward is a 28-year veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and  has a lot of experience with thefts and the investigations that go along. We will also have a full review of Absolute’s LoJack for Laptops in the coming weeks! To See The Full 2011 Computer Theft Report By Absolute Software, Please Click Here. Stay Tuned to NJTechReviews for all of the latest news!



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