Verizon Wireless has fully integrated the CTIA Mobile Application Rating System with ESRB. It has been added to all of the applications in the Verizon App Store. You are probably familiar with the ESRB rating system, from video games. It will provide customers, mainly parent information about what age group the application is meant for. In the app store it will be the rating category via a symbol, which will suggest the age group for the application. Thus making it easier for parents to find an application that is both fun and safe for them to use. Verizon Wireless has always cared about the safety of the customers, in 2008 they started offering exclusive Content Filters, to all customers for no extra charge. With the Content Filters, you can choose what content is available to your children through Verizon Wireless devices. The Verizon App Store is also the first to start using the new rating system across all of their applications. CTIA and ESRB announced the rating system in November of last year, and yet again Verizon is on-board and enabling the newest safety features for their customers. You can see an example of what the rating would like in the image above. For more information please see the press release below.

Press Release

Verizon Wireless Fully integrates CTIA Mobile Application Rating System WITH ESRB 

First to Present ESRB’s Consistent, Impartial Information About Age-Appropriateness for Apps 

            BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – Verizon Wireless announced today it is the first to have the recently-developed CTIA Mobile Application Rating System with ESRB applied to all apps, including legacy apps, within the Verizon Apps store.  The ratings, which are similar to those assigned to video games, provide consumers, especially parents, with information about the age-appropriateness of apps.

Created with the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s (ESRB) expertise and credibility, the system aims to provide consistent ratings across all participating storefronts.  CTIA – The Wireless Association selected the nonprofit ESRB because of its proven track record for providing the public with reliable information about content.  Its video game rating system is well known and trusted by consumers and helps parents to make informed content purchase decisions.  Apps within the Verizon Apps store display the age rating category, identified via a rating symbol, which suggests the age appropriateness.  For complete rating information on all ESRB-rated apps, consumers can visit

“It is important that parents and consumers are informed about the content in applications, so we are proud to implement a rating system that uses the ESRB categories, whose ratings consumers know and trust,” said Jack McArtney, director of corporate and community responsibility at Verizon.  “We understand how difficult it can be to tell which apps are appropriate for children, and the rating system represents the first step to help parents and caregivers ensure apps available within the Verizon Apps store are being used by the appropriate audience.”

“Not all apps are meant for all ages.  Our ratings exist to empower parents with the ability to make informed decisions about which ones are right for their child,” added ESRB President Patricia Vance.  “We are very pleased that Verizon has embraced our ratings, providing consumers a consistent, reliable standard by which to manage their children’s access to content and ensure their experience is age-appropriate.”

The rating system was initially announced by CTIA and ESRB in November 2011.  Since the project’s inception, CTIA and ESRB, together with the six founding storefronts and numerous developers, worked closely to create a rating system specifically designed for mobile applications, and to incorporate feedback to ensure the system is user-friendly while meeting the needs of consumers.  The Verizon Apps store is the first to have ratings applied to all apps, including legacy apps.

Verizon Wireless has always been at the forefront of online safety.  In 2008, Verizon Wireless became the first wireless provider to offer exclusive age-appropriate Content Filters to customers at no additional charge.  By using Content Filters, account owners can safely allow their children access to content available through their Verizon Wireless devices, including websites, short code-based messaging campaigns, applications and Verizon Video.

For more information about the CTIA Mobile Application Ratings System with ESRB, please visit


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