Lenovo is kicking off the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show before it even officially begins, they have just unleashed a plethora of new Windows 8 touch devices! The headlines would be the new IdeaPad U Series UltraBooks, new IdeaCentre all-in-one desktops, IdeaPad Z Series laptops, and many others! Let’s start off with the IdeaPad U Series Ultrabooks, I have previously reviewed other devices in this series and they were absolutely amazing. Lenovo has unleashed the IdeaPad U310 and U410 Touch Ultrabooks, and the biggest change would be that they feature 10-point multi-touch display. They still have a great design with the U310 coming in at 18 millimeters and the U410 coming in at just 21 millimeters. They are both running Windows 8, which as you know runs great on a touch screen device. The U310 features a 13.3-inch HD LED Display, up to 3rd gen Intel Core i7 processors, up to 4G of RAM, integrated Intel HD4000 graphics, up to a 500GB hard drive, a 6-hour battery, 2 in 1 card reader, 2 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0, and much more! The IdeaPad U310 Touch seems like a great first time Ultrabook and will be available in March starting at $799. The U410 features a 14.4-inch HD LED Display, NVIDIA GeForce® graphics with DirectX® 11, up to 3rd gen Intel Core i7 processors, up to 8GB of RAM, 8-hours battery, up to a 1TB hard drive, and more! The U410 Touch is a great upgrade to the original U410 Ultrabook and will be available in April starting at $850! Both the U310 and U410 Touch feature a 720p HD webcam, are optimized for Windows 8, BlueTooth 4.0, and more! I am looking forward to checking the U310 Touch and U410 Touch soon! Next up, we have one of the coolest computers I have ever seen and that is the Lenovo Erazer X700. It is a high performance gaming desktop that features OneKey Overclocking, with a hit of a button you will increase your processing speed. Then to make sure the Erazer X700 doesnt over heat you get the Lenovo Cooling System. AMD Eyefinity technology allows you to simultaneously connect up to six monitors for a panoramic gaming experience. It features a Intel® CoreTM i7 Extreme processor, Windows 8 Pro, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 4 TB of storage, a BluRay disc drive, DVD reader/writer drive, dual graphics support(NVIDIA® SLI; up to dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX660 1.5GB or ATI CrossFire XTM; up to dual AMD RadeonTM HD 8950 3GB graphics), 7.1 channel surround sound support, Dolby Advanced Audio, and much more! The Lenovo Erazer X700 seems like an amazing gaming desktop and I cannot wait to check it out! It will be available in June and will start at $1,499. Are you looking for the world’s thinnest 27-inch display all-in-one desktop? Then the Lenovo A730 all-in-one desktop is for you. You can get either a 27-inch Quad HD or 27-inch Full HD frameless multi-touch display, they will be both feature 10 finger multi-touch support. It is just 24.5 millimeters thick! It features up to a 3rd Gen Intel® CoreTM i7 processor, up to 8GB of RAM, up to a 1TB HDD storage or a 1TB SSHD storage, 720p HD webcam, DVD reader/writer or Blu-ray Disc drive, an optional TV tuner, up to a NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 745M 2GB graphics, and much more! The A730 seems like an awesome all-in-one with some great features, it will be available in June and starts at $1,499. The Lenovo C540 all-in-one is the new affordable home computer. It features a 23-inch HD LED display, optional touch support, up to a 2TB HD, up to 8GB of RAM,  up to a 3rd Gen Intel® CoreTM i3 processor, NVIDIA® GeForce® 615 2GB graphics, and much more! The Lenovo C540 seems like an awesome and affordable all-in-one desktop. The non-touch version will be available in February and will start at $549, while the touch screen versions will land in June. Next up we have the new IdeaPad Z400 Touch and Z500 Touch laptops. This is for the person who wants a great performance machine but, wants it a stylish package. They feature the exclusive to Lenovo AccuType keyboard and as ad added bonus it is backlight. In terms of weight it is lighter than the average laptop at just 2.4kilograms for the Z400 and 2.6kilograms for the Z500. Both of them can have up to a 1TB hard drive, up to a Intel 3rd Gen Core i7 processor, up to 16GB of RAM, and much more! They both run Windows 8 and are optimized for it, since you get either a 14-inch or 15.6-inch HD screen with 10-point multi-touch support. This display is meant for entertainment and with great wide viewing angles everyone will be able to watch, to enhance your experience even more you get Dolby Home Theater V4. The Z500 has been super optimized for Windows 8, this means you get a longer battery life,  new gestures for the trackpad, and much more! Overall, the Z400 and Z500 Touch look like great laptops that really do provide great performance in a great form factor as well. The Lenovo Z400 touch will be available in March for $699. While the Z500 Touch will be available in April for $699. Now, let’s talk about Lenovo’s new business laptops. Those would be the ThinkPad Edge E431 and E531. The ThinkPad Edge E431 features a 14-inch HD Vibrant Display and either HD or HD+ Antiglare, optional touch screens, the latest 3rd Gen. Intel Core-I processors up to an i7, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 8-hours of battery life, up to 1TB 5400RPM hard drive or a 500GB 7200RPM hard drive, and much more! The Edge E531 features a 15-inch HD/FHD antiglare display, optional touch screen, p to 1TB 5400RPM hard drive or a 500GB 7200RPM hard drive, latest 3rd Gen. Intel Core-I processors up to an i7, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 8-hours of battery life, and more! They both run Windows 8 and feature a 5-button click pad that will give you enhance Windows 8 gestures. The Lenovo Edge E531 and E431 will be available in May and begin at $539.  These two laptops, E431 and E531, are the first to have a Lenovo OneClick Connector. The OneClick Connector allows for one cable to do everything from, charging, to high-speed data, not compromising video, and removes the clutter of cables. Lenovo OneClick technology is designed to offer simplicity through a single cable connection. The first product for this technology is the ThinkPad OneLink Dock, it offers lag-free graphics and audio performance through native video. The OneLink Dock features 4 USB ports, an HDMI port, an ethernet port, native video VGA port, a NAS controller, audio port, and more. The ThinkPad OneLink Dock will cost $99 and will be available in May. The OneLink technology will charge laptop and mobile devices as well, and more devices with this technology will launch in 2013! Last but not least we have the ThinkVision LT1423p and this is Lenovo’s first Windows 8 touch-optimized mobile monitor! You will get a full touch experience on-the-go  and it will let you be more productive with the secondary screen. It features a 13.-inch backlit 1600 x 900 AH-IPS panel with Corning Gorilla Glass protection. You have 4-direction wide viewing angle and it has 10 point-multi-touch support. It has a great design at just 0.28-inches thick and very light at just 1.6-pounds! Similar to other mobile monitors from Lenovo, it has a cover that doubles as a stand as well. A really cool feature of the ThinkVision LT1423p is that it can be wireless or wired and has a 4-hour battery! Lenovo has given the ThinkVision LT1423p a digitizer pen as well, this features 256 pressure transducers and this is similar to the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note series. The ThinkVision LT1423p would make a great accessory for any laptop, especially a Lenovo one! The Lenovo ThinkVision LT1423p will be available in Quarter 2 of 2013 for the price of $349! Lenovo is certainly starting off CES in full force! They are taking Windows 8 in full force as well, updating many of there previously great devices to make sure they work perfectly with Windows 8! You can see a full photo gallery and press release on all of these devices below! If any updates are made regarding this device we will be sure to let you know. I am super excited about Lenovo’s announcements today, from the new touch optimized U Series, to the awesome Erazer X700 for games and I can’t forget the thinnest all-in-one desktop the A730! I cannot wait to see what else Lenovo has in store for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show! Stay Tuned For NJTechReviews For Round The Clock Coverage Of The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show!


Press Release

Lenovo Unleashes New Windows 8 Touch Devices

Portfolio of consumer laptops, all-in-one desktops and companion mobile monitor

LAS VEGAS– January 6, 2013: Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) today announced its new lineup of consumer and business Windows 8 touch-optimized devices at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show. Headlining the collection are new additions to the ultra-portable IdeaPad U Series UltrabooksTM and the multimedia intensive IdeaPad Z Series laptops as well as new models of IdeaCentre all-in-one desktops, from the sleek and stylish A Series to the affordable and space-saving C Series.

Lenovo also introduced an extreme performance gaming desktop PC, the Lenovo Erazer X700, designed for enthusiast-level gaming and graphics-hungry applications. For small businesses, the ThinkPad Edge E431 and E531 laptops introduce a unique Lenovo OneLink technology for new docking capabilities, and to complete the new range of Windows 8 touch devices, the ThinkPad Mobile Monitor makes a great companion as a second display, especially for complementing non-touch devices with touch functionality.

“People love touch. It’s everywhere in today’s PC+ world and is driving new interactions with devices and digital content,” said Peter Hortensius, president, Product Group, and senior vice president, Lenovo. “We’ve aggressively integrated touch across our consumer PCs so that we have one of the largest portfolios of Windows 8 touch products available.”

Premier Thin and Light IdeaPad U and Mainstream Z Series

Lenovo’s signature IdeaPad U310 and U410 mainstream UltrabookTM devices take thin and light to the next level with new 10-finger touch support. These stylishly thin and light consumer UltrabooksTM are incredibly mobile at just 18mm thin and are ultra-responsive, waking up from sleep in just one second with Instant Resume. They come with up to a 3rd gen Intel® CoreTM i7 processor, the latest NVIDIA GeForce® graphics with DirectX® 11 and an extended battery life for all day computing

The IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 laptops are the latest-generation of the Z Series and optimized for the Windows 8 touch-based user interface. They support 10-point touch, feature specialized stereo speakers for extra bass with Dolby Home Theatre v4 for an immersive sound experience, come with up to 3rd gen standard voltage Intel® CoreTM i7 processors and include the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics technology. These laptops give consumers large 14-15.6-inch touch screen real estate to experience the full power of Windows 8. The backlit AccuType keyboard even lets users comfortably see what they’re typing when they’re in the dark.

Erazer X700 – Extreme Gaming with One Click

The Lenovo Erazer X700 with its eye-catching diamond-cut and cold blue lighting design caters to enthusiast- level gamers and those who run intensive multimedia applications. The desktop comes with Lenovo’s exclusive OnekeyTM Overclocking feature that allows users to unleash extreme processor performance, ie, “overclock,” at the click of a button while simultaneously preventing the PC from overheating thanks to its liquid cooling system. Many similar gaming PCs require users to adjust the setting in the BIOS. Because the Erazer X700 leverages AMD Eyefinity technology, users can connect up to six monitors to enjoy a panoramic screen display and add up to 4 TB of storage without tools while the PC is still running. The desktop also comes with 32GB of memory, dual graphics support (NVIDIA® GeForce® or ATI CrossFireXTM1, up to dual AMD RadeonTM HD and the latest Intel Core family of processors.

IdeaCentre A730 Slimmest 27-inch AIO1 Plus Affordable C Series AIO Desktops

The IdeaCentre A730 all-in-one desktop (AIO) combines an optional 27-inch Quad HD (2560×1440) or 27-inch Full HD (1920×1080) frameless display with 10-point multi-touch into an less-than-an-inch thin frame with a widely adjustable screen angle from -5° to 90° so people can use it comfortably in any position. The A730 supports up to Windows 8 Pro, includes choices of the 3rd gen Intel Core family of processors and features large storage options up to 1TB.

The Lenovo C540 AIO with an optional touch screen is one of the most affordable and space saving 23- inch touch AIOs for family entertainment. It bundles powerful technologies including a 3rd gen Intel® CoreTM i3 processor and NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics for an affordable computing solution.

ThinkPad Edge Laptops Pioneer OneLink Technology

The ThinkPad Edge E431 and E531 are the first ThinkPad laptops to include Lenovo’s all new OneLink technology. Designed to offer simplicity through a single cable connection, the new unique interface eliminates cable clutter without compromising performance. The first device to support the new technology is the new ThinkPad OneLink Dock. Offering superior lag-free graphics and audio performance through native video with dedicated HDMI and audio ports, it can also play host to a number of accessories through four USB ports. This industry unique technology will also charge laptop and mobile devices. Lenovo plans to offer additional OneLink devices in 2013. In addition to touch functionality, the slim ThinkPad Edge E431 and E531 laptops feature improved graphics options for more vivid content on their displays up to full HD and a five- button ClickPad lets users control Windows 8 features from the keyboard.

The Wired/Wireless Mobile Touch Screen Companion

The slim and sleek ThinkVision LT1423p Mobile Monitor Touch is Lenovo’s next generation mobile monitor that offers extra screen real estate and touch functionality for users who demand more productivity on-the- go. Improving from its award winning predecessor’s innovative design, the LT1423p will be available in wired or wireless editions and boasts a thin design with a 13.3 inch 1600 x 900 AH-IPS panel protected by Gorilla Glass for an incredibly wide viewing angle and offers a great Windows 8 touch experience. Consumers can even experience touch control gestures on non-touch PCs, and as an added benefit, business customers can take advantage of 10-point touch capability or adopt paper-less commercial transactions by using the electro- magnetic stylus.

To keep users up and running, Lenovo offers a full suite of services including In-Home Warranty upgrades for service at the owner’s home or business, and Accidental Damage Protection on select products to help insure against damage from accidents like drops, spills, electrical surges, or screen malfunctions. Additionally, Lenovo Premium Support’s expert technicians are available when needed with convenient over the phone or remote session support from the comfort of home.

Pricing and Availability2

The IdeaPad Z500 Touch will be available starting in April. Models start at approximately $699.

The IdeaPad Z400 Touch will be available starting in March. Models start at approximately $699.

The IdeaPad U310 Touch will be available starting in March. Models start at approximately $779.

The IdeaPad U410 Touch will be available starting in April. Models start at approximately $850.

The Lenovo Erazer X700 will be available starting in June. Models start at approximately $1,499.

The IdeaCentre A730 will be available starting this in June. Models start at approximately $1,499.

Pricing and Availability2 (Continued)

The IdeaCentre C540 is available in February, non-touch start at $549. Touch models will be available in June.

The ThinkPad Edge E431 and E531 will be available starting in May. Models start at approximately $539.

The ThinkPad OneLink Dock will be available starting in May at approximately $99.

The ThinkVision LT1423p Mobile Monitor Touch is available Q2 2013 and price will be approximately $349.

For the latest Lenovo news, subscribe to Lenovo RSS feeds or follow Lenovo on Twitter and Facebook. 1Based on Lenovo competitive analysis, November 2012.

2Prices do not include tax or shipping and are subject to change without notice and is tied to specific terms and conditions. Reseller prices may vary. Price does not include all advertised features. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice.


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