Phillips and O’Neill have partnered to up to create the world’s strongest headphones, and after two years have released their finished product.

The Philips | O’Neill “THE CRASH” headphones are ridiculously strong, and can withstand a static of force of 1500 kg.  Enough said.  It’s difficult to break these headphones.

Yet, “THE CRASH” doesn’t sacrifice on audio quality though.  It still has pro-level speakers encased in metal that will withstand whatever you throw at it.

To top it off, the headphones are still comfortable, with an Active and Chill mode;  Chill to be flexible around your ears and Active to be rigid when resting around your neck.


For more info, please see the Press Release below:

[learn_more caption=”Press Release” state=”open”] Press Information January 7, 2013 The toughest headphone Philips | O’Neill have ever made LAS VEGAS – While only two years into their dynamic partnership, today Philips | O’Neill unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a new headphone that takes the definition of durability to the next level. “THE CRASH” can withstand almost anything thrown into its path and offers an unmatched superior sound quality in a tough package. Finally, after months of tests, Philips | O’Neill can now officially spread the word that they developed the toughest headphone they have ever made: “THE CRASH” The TR90 headband of “THE CRASH” will counteract all the force you put it through, resulting in a virtually indestructible headphone. Surviving forces up to an earth shattering 1500 kg of static force is the proof that “THE CRASH” punches well above its weight. If this wasn’t enough, “THE CRASH” has a pro level sound produced by the speaker drivers that are completely protected with an ultra-strong, metal cabinet. This power combination ensures that the unprecedented sound quality survives your battle through the elements. Philips | O’Neill team riders, Jeremy Jones and Mark Mathews chuck their boardbags into planes all over the world as they head to some of the toughest climates on the planet. Where Jeremy rides near vertical, previously untracked lines into the Alaskan backcountry, Mark surfs waves of a bone crushing height that scare most. Whatever the circumstances, they demand headphones that will withstand and endure all the abuse that they throw at them. And for this job ““THE CRASH” is the only fit. Unrivaled strength doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable though. Far from it in fact as “THE CRASH” features an Active and Chill mode, which offers a perfect fit whether “THE CRASH” is blasting tunes through your ears or left around the neck for when you want to chill. Set for release in early 2013, “THE CRASH” headphone by Philips | O’Neill is Tested on Animals and is ready for your abuse. [/learn_more]


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