NJTechReviews stopped by Sunpak’s booth at the 2013 CE Week in NYC! We got a chance to check out the Magic Sound Box! This could be considered a sound enhance or a wireless speaker. No connection or cable is needed, simply lay your device on the Magic Sound Box and you will be quite surprised. The volume of your sound will magically turn up to 10, the technology behind this is induction. No longer do you have to remember the cable or connect over Bluetooth or some other connection, you just lay your smartphone down and it works. It comes in a few color options, those being pink, white, green, red, black, or blue. The Magic Sound Box is powered by either 3 AA batteries or a mini USB connection. It has two 1-inch speakers and has full dynamic range. I was very surprised with sound quality when we tested on the floor at CE Week. The price may be best the thing about the Magic Sound Box, it i just $24.95. Our full review of the Magic Sound Box will be landing in a few weeks. You can check out a full gallery below. For More Information On The Magic Sound Box, Please Click Here.




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