Apple made a robot, yes a robot and it is named Liam. It is a very cool robot and it helps to make the environment cleaner. Specifically, Liam will deconstruct your iPhone when you are done with it and will help to use the parts from the iPhone to make the world greener. In fact the metals and pieces of your iPhone, can go on to become tools or even be used in later devices.

Liam is very cool and as soon as they post a video of it, I highly suggest you watch it. Apple made Liam at it’s 1 Infinite Loop Campus in Cupertino CA, and it is the only one in the world. Meaning that no other company out there, has access to a robot that can do this. It will pop the screen off and remove the battery, as well as deconstruct the metals for recycling.

When you send your iPhone in to Apple, through the “re-use and recycle” or “renew” program, Liam will take over from there.


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