Beme 1

Beme is officially out of beta; yes Casey Neistat social network is now all grown up. Today marked the release of version 1.0 and it is now available for Android, as well as iOS. It has been an interesting time for company and Casey said today that this version of the application is what they should have come out with at first.

Beme 2

Essentially, Beme allows of unfiltered and authentic sharing of videos. Especially because you can not see the videos when you are sharing them. It is very similar to Snapchat in that they are quick bits of your day, but they do not just disappear as they stay on your timeline or profile. It is a unique premise in that when you share a sunset, concert, sports game, or really anything it has to come through your eyes and you field of view. Versus traditional sharing applications when your can see the video through smartphone.

You can see Casey Neistat’s full video on Beme below. Click here to see it on Google Play and click here to see it on iOS.



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