Snapchat StoriesYou have undoubtedly heard of Snapchat, but you probably haven’t heard of Vurb. Yes, Vurb is a startup that never really took off. It was a search app released for iOS and Android that promised to let you “search less and do more.” Vurb has been around for five years and now Snapchat might be buying them, according to The Information

What exactly Snapchat plans to do with a search app is unclear, but the purchase might be over $100 million. Making Snapchat’s second acquisition for 2016, the company acquired Bitstrips earlier this year, a very expensive one.

Vurb is a search engine, but it can also order a Uber or car service and can find trending topics. It was a neat concept and idea, but never really took off as a service. Snapchat could very well integrate some of these into discovery or use it power the artificial intelligence of the brand.

We have reached out to Snapchat in regards to this and will update when we hear back.


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