T-Mobile is back with another un-carrier move, and this latest move has some not so great features. Their twelfth, yes number twelve, is Unlimited One which gets rid of data plans. It moves all plans into one plan, which has unlimited talk, text, and data.

The new plans start at $70 a month for one device. Which is a high start price, two devices will come in at $120, and if you add another after two, it is $20 per device. And while it might sound like a good deal on paper, there are a few minuses.

TMobile Unlimited One Pricing

For starters, T-Mobile limits tethering to 2G speeds and video streams get locked at 480p. T-Mobile will let customers upgrade 5GB’s of 4G LTE tethering for an extra $15 per device per month. Upgrading to 4K video streaming will cost a larger $25 per device per month.

While you do get all the un-carrier benefits which might be useful to some, it would be better if T-Mobile was upfront. As the facts don’t get mentioned can become costly.

One last note is that T-Mobile will charge you for turning off Auto Pay, and it comes out to $5 more a month per line.

T-Mobile’s Unlimited One plan will launch on September 6 for postpaid customers, and it will come to prepaid in the future.


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