14813010_1262706513781315_2022059802_oA unique initiative from The Validation Project and production company NextRound will be hitting NYC tomorrow, October 23. It ties in with the presidential election and takes young women to share what they would do if they were to become president.

The team at The Validation Project even have a podium that will be brought to several locations. They will be interview girls of all ages and ask them what they would do as president. The result will be a video that is to be produced by NextRound.

You can see the locations for where the Little Miss President podium will be below!

Saturday, October 23rd, 2016:

9:30 to 11:30 AM: Patt Hoffman Friedman Playground 79 St. and 5th Ave. 

1 PM to 3 PM: Marcus Garvey Park E. 120 St. to E. 124 St. 

4 PM to 6 PM: Watson Gleason Playground, Gleason Ave., Watson Ave. bet. Noble Ave., and Rosedale Ave.


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