For the past several weeks, Apple has been beta testing iOS 10.1, and while it does fix some bugs, the big news is that it brings Portrait Mode to the 7 Plus. Well today, Apple released iOS 10.1 in all of its glory to all users.

iPhone 7 Plus users have already had quite some time to play around with the new dual lens setup, but 10.1 allows you to do bocca mode. Apple calls this Portrait Mode, and it lets a smartphone do something that looks like a professional photographer did it with a complete setup. You can have one subject in focus, and it will put a depth effect over the back. This all happens in real-time, and it works really well.

iOS 10.1 also allows you to replay effects in Messages and provides a much faster experience. This is most noticeable on the 7 Plus and finally, lets you take advantage of the 3GB of RAM.


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