macos-10-12-1It is a big update day for Apple, iOS 10.1 just dropped and a small update for macOS is rolling out now. Similarly to 10.1 for iOS, macOS 10.12.1 has been in the hands of developers for a few weeks. It doesn’t have one big feature coming with it, but rather some small updates that deliver an improved experience.


macOS 10.12.1 is coming at around 1.25GB’s and delivers bug fixes for current Macs and most likely future ones as well. For those with an iPhone 7 Plus, photos taken with a depth effect, will now have a dedicated album built into Photos. 10.12.1 will allow the Apple Watch to unlock your Mac quicker and improves the stability of Sierra.

Apple is also holding a special event this Thursday, October 27, at which they will most likely unveil new Macs. It seems that this update might be preparing for upcoming launch as well.

macOS 10.12.1 is available now from the Mac App Store.




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