macbook-pro-2Apple’s big “Hello Again” event is this Thursday, October 27 and the leaks are coming strong. MacRumors discovered images of upcoming products in the latest macOS updated. Yesterday, Apple pushed out macOS 10.12.1 to all users. And hidden in this update are photos of the new MacBook Pro that features a touch bar instead of a function row.

Yes, the Magic Toolbar is real, and since this official imagery from Apple found in the update, it will find be on the new MacBook Pros. It appears that this toolbar will change and adapt depending on what application is open. For instance, it can be used to make a purchase on a site with Apple Pay. A new type of TouchID will be built into this toolbar as well.

Regarding the new MacBook Pros, it appears it will have the butterfly style keyboard, a thinner bezel, and speakers on either side of the keyboard.

Apple will officially unveil the MacBook Pros on Thursday.


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