screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-10-09-40-amMicrosoft just announced that the Windows 10 Creator Update is coming next Spring and this will be the next big update to the operating system. It will focus on virtual and augmented reality, which will allow everyone to be a 3D Innovator. Microsoft is also focusing in on collaboration and gaming in 4K.

With this update, Microsoft wants to let all users make use of 3D, which they call a 2D to a 3D journey. Microsoft is saying that 3D is for everyone and they are starting first with students, making use of the Surface. It will be built into a new application, which allows you to model in 3D using the Surface Pen with a very simple user interface. Paint 3D allows for anyone to draw, scan in with the camera, and import images into a 3D workspace.


Paint 3D will allow you to scan in real life objects from any device, like a smartphone or tablet. You can then place it in your workspace and put in 2D objects like an image as a background. Microsoft is also highlighting that you can put creations from Minecraft into Paint 3D.

3D is not just in one application, but Microsoft is planning to bring it to their core platforms like PowerPoint.


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