Tim Cook has just announced the TV application for the Apple TV, as well as your iPhone and iPad. It seems to build off the unified watching experience, as it pulls all of your current TV shows and movies from all of the apps that you use.

It can be the one place to see everything you are watching, plus there are recommendations for future content. And the recommendations are content from the applications you have access too. Allowing you to just hit play and watch, it will launch you straight into the app with no welcome screen or buffering.

Single-sign on will automatically log you in across all fo your devices. The TV App is for the Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. On iOS it will replace the video app and have all of your owned content, plus items available through apps.


Siri is integrated throughout the TV app and will let you get easy access to your favorite content. The virtual assistant will also let you ask for live content as well now.


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