whats-all-the-hubbub-about-hype-1So Twitter is getting rid of Vine, and now the original creators of the not-so-long-lived video platform are back at it again. This time with Hype, a new application taking on the likes of Periscope and Facebook Live. So you might just be thinking, why do we need another live streaming app, but Hype has a few curveballs up its sleeve.

Like Periscope, the going live on Hype is dead simple. All you need to do is hit create and then go live, but you can add other media into the stream. These can be songs, photos, and videos stored on your device. You also get more control and can choose the size of the media on your stream. The audience meanwhile gets an upgrade and can communicate directly with the streamer.

It will be interesting to see if Hype lives up to the Hype. Time will tell, but it is exciting to see that Colin Kroll and Rus Yusupov are back at it again with a new application. Currently, Hype is only available for iOS, but it will be coming to Android at some point in the future.


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