Announced alongside the iPhone 7, AirPods, and Super Mario Run was an expansion of Pokèmon Go. Specifically, the release of an Apple Watch experience for the app. Well, it is December 22 and Pokèmon Go has finally launched for the Apple Watch.

While you can’t physically catch a Pokèmon from your wrist, the application has some unique features. You can log a play session as a workout from the Watch; this will then count towards your activity rings. Notifications will be pushed directly to the Watch–making it easier to know when a Pokèstop is nearby.

Lastly, the Apple Watch will be an ideal interface to track your Eggs and to countdown the time until they watch. I am hoping that in the future Niantic decides to allow you to catch Pokèmon directly from the Watch. But for now it seems more like an add-on and they would much rather you spend $35 on the Pokèmon Go Plus accessory.


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