Robots are becoming very prevalent, this past summer we Anki’s Cozmo robot. But at CES 2017 we have the launch of the Kubo, and this is a tiny robot that wants to teach your kids to code. And it does this in combination with the Robot and the TagTile programming language.

KUBO is launching via an IndieGoGo Campaign on January 11th and you will be able to pre-purchase one for $169.99. This TagTile programming language are different square titles called “puzzle pieces.” And these will give the KUBO instructions and it will follow them. This can be things like directions for moving or can be used to perform an action. Through these tiles, children will learn different coding functions. Shortly, after launch, KUBO will have expansion packs launching that can teach various topics like spelling or math.

The unique thing about KUBO that differentiates itself from traditional education technology is that there are no screens. You simply have these tiles and a robot, but to use you dont need a computer. It combines physical actions with critical thinking.

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