Smart technology has been growing at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. RemFit is showing off the ZEQQ Smart Pillow, and it is an interesting product. It aims to help you stop snoring, sleep better through tracking and has speakers to help you fall asleep.

After a successful crowd funding campaign, it is available for order now at $249 and should ship soon. So at this price what can the ZEQQ Smart Pillow do for you? Well, if it detects you are snoring, the pillow will vibrate to tell you to change positions. It will also provide data on your snoring through an ambient noise microphone. It’s Smart Wake feature will wake you up with gentle vibrations at an ideal point in your sleep cycle. It also has four speakers inside so it can play music.

You can control the ZEQQ Smart Pillow and view analytics on your sleep all from the mobile application for iOS and Android. It should also be noted that the pillow is comfortable as it is made from memory foam.

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