Back at CES 2017, GoPro announced that they would eventually bring the Karma Drone back to the market. Well, three months after the recall, the Karma Drone can be purchased once again.

The drone was initially recalled as a tiny number of them would lose power during flight. Thus causing them to be uncontrollable as they hurled to the grown. Unlike Samsung, GoPro promptly announced a recall and did right by consumers. They set up a website that owners of the Karma could use to get the recall information. Customers were able to return the Karma to GoPro or wherever they purchased it from and then got a refund for the full amount.

Now, the GoPro Karma Drone is once again available for order from the company’s website and will hit retail partners soon. The Karma Drone starts at $799 for the unit itself without the Hero 5, but Karma Drone with Hero 5 will cost $1,299.


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