Snapchat is a giant technology, media, and social media company that has managed to stay private. Many other companies have tried to buy them out or acquire them, but not have been successful at that. Rumors of going public have been flying, and Snap Inc is expected to file an IPO(Initial Public Offering) this week.

Also, this initial public offering is expected to be one of the biggest of the year, with estimated evaluations of Snap Inc coming at up to $25 billion. However, don’t be mistaken, this would be a big move for the company–Especially when you consider the space they play in has become crowded. Other applications are taking users, including Facebook’s Instagram which copied Snapchat with its “stories” feature.

Not much is known about Snapchat, as they have been silent and have a right to be as a private company. We do not have revenue numbers, user statistics, and many other burning questions. However, with an IPO filing, all of this and more becomes known. The company is no longer just a service, Spectacles was the first form of hardware and just by looking, the success of them has been wild. Augmented Reality through filters is also a big plus in there book.

While a lot is unknown, a Snap Inc IPO makes sense at this time and will allow the company to grow even more.


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