While OpenSignal, a network testing third-party, seems Verizon and T-Mobile as almost equal, RootMetrics is telling a different story. For the seventh consecutive time, Verizon has gotten the highest marks on the national tests. These categories are Overall performance, network reliability, Network Speed, Data performance, Call performance, and Text performance. Verizon also received the United States RootScore Award for Overall Performance.

With the overall ratings, Verizon came in at 93.9 followed by AT&T at 90.5, Sprint at 84.7, and T-Mobile at 81.2. In my opinion, I find it a bit hard to believe that T-Mobile was coming in last for the overall report, especially with the amount invested into the network. The results reported today are RootMetrics second half of 2016 report. And investments pay off, as proven by Verizon considering the amount they put into keeping the network up and running.

RootMetrics tests the networks by devices that come right from the carriers stores and are tested in both walking and driving conditions. In fact, they perform over 3,600,000 tests and drove over 249,000 miles. Specifically for New Jersey and the New York Metro Region, Verizon did especially well coming in at 97.1 overall rating. You can view the full RootMetrics report by clicking here.


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