Cupertino has not forgotten about “Pro” consumers, or at least that is the hope they are trying to put out there. It is not a falsehood to say that Pro customers thought that Apple might have switched focuses and might have put their creative customers on the back burner. After all the current Mac Pro does not have the latest and greatest technology, plus it has not been refreshed since 2013.

Well, Apple spoke with several press outlets and had select reporters out to their headquarters for a visit. Specifically, with the Mac design time and executives, Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi were there as well. The big takeaway here is that Apple realizes that the current Mac Pro does not fit all of the needs of Pro users and they have a team hard at work. More importantly, they are redesigning and rethinking the Mac Pro from the ground up to deliver a modular device that can be upgraded over time.

Moreover, with the MacBook Pro refresh last year, Apple exited the display industry– But when the Mac Pro launches sometime next year, they will be reentering the display market with Apple branded monitors. In the meantime, Apple delivered some solid upgrades to the current Mac Pro, but it is not the latest and greatest.

However, the big takeaway here is that there is hope for Mac Pro consumers, and Apple certainly has turned on the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is a wait till next year.


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