The smart speaker market is certainly being turned up to 10. Amazon has the line of Echo speakers, Google has the Home, Microsoft has Cortana enabled speakers, and Apple has the HomePod landing in December. Sonos, on the other hand, offers an easy way for a user to have a connected speaker system.

And while it is a smart system that can be controlled wirelessly and works with streaming services, there is no intelligent assistant for it as of yet. However, the company has noted that they soon will be releasing updated speakers and new models that contain microphones inside.

Sonos has also said that they are working with Amazon to integrate Alexa into these future models. However, in a move that might mean this integration is coming sooner rather than later, an update has been made to their privacy policy. Sonos has made several updates to its privacy policy in regards to voice control. The updates focus on the customer experience, what is being heard, and the data that is shared with partners. The main highlight of this update would be that Sonos is not just limiting its voice controls to that of Amazon’s Alexa.

Moreover, with all these updates to the privacy policy, Sonos is not yet talking about the new hardware. The fourth quarter will likely be a tough one or at least a more heated one as Apple is aiming at Sonos with its HomePod. Since the current Play line of speakers and soundbars do not feature microphones, current customers likely won’t get these voice control updates. Meaning that new speakers will have to be introduced and it will probably come at a hefty cost to get them.


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