Google Home was the company’s first foray into the smart speaker market, and it is almost a year old. Yes, the Google Home was announced alongside the Pixel, Pixel XL, and Chromecast Ultra at the Made By Google October launch event. And chances are Google has another hardware event coming soon, but we might have a mini Google Home on the horizon.

A new report from Android Police is saying that a smaller version of Google’s smart speaker might be making an introduction this year. It will likely come in cheaper than the $129 price point of the Google Home and will go head-to-head against the Echo Dot from Amazon. This mini Google Home will have a smaller speaker inside and can hook up to external speakers. A key difference this and the Google Home will likely be Google Cast features built inside.

Not much else is known about this mini Google Home, but if it is real, we should know soon. And it might make it easier to add The Google Assistant into more locations with in your home.


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