You might know Shake Shack, especially if you are from the NYC region. They have several Shake Shacks throughout the region including Madison Square Park, Times Square, and across the river in Paramus NJ. But with their upcoming location in Astor Place will be looking towards the future.

For starters, it will not accept cash, yes that is right physical currency will not be accepted. Instead, they will have digital payment solutions and support for card payments. There are also several operational changes like the elimination of buzzers and a text that will be sent when the order is ready.

Orders will also be placed via digital kiosks, and a rearranged kitchen and workflow should eliminate long wait times. And while there won’t be too many front of house employees, there will plenty there in the back and if an issue arises. Salaries will also be $15 an hour which is higher than the minimum wage. It will be interesting to see how this new store design and way of functioning goes, to say the least.


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