Alongside the announcement of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google unveiled an unexpected product. Introducing Google Clips a tiny camera that isn’t hiding what it is and one that is packed with smart technology. Put simply, the people those who work on these products spend a lot of time and for this one the groundbreaking technology feats that were taken really stand out. Google Clips has artificial intelligence and machine learning built inside.

This allows the camera to capture important moments and to know who is in the photo–More importantly, it will also get better over time. These photos and videos that the Clips captures, stay on the device, they do not sync anywhere else. Google made a big focus on privacy, Clips looks like a camera and has LED indicator when it is in use. It seems that they are making sure privacy is not an issue with the product.

Google Clips fits in the palm of your hand and sleek build, you turn it on by turing the lens of the camera. It also has a rubber case which doubles as a stand and features a spring loaded clip on the back. While this can clip onto clothing, Google would rather you clip it on somehting else that lets you be in the shot.

Connectivity is important and Clips feature WiFi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth LE for sending what is captured too your device. The application for Google Clips is pretty intuitive, a simple swipe to the right saves the footage, while a left swipe deletes it. You can export what is capture as a single image, a motion photo, or GIF.

Google Clips will be landing soon for $249 and I am eager to spend more time with it.



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