Google Lens is coming to the Pixel family soon. With Lens you can take a picture of anything, from a book, to a place, to a painting, and with that picture you can select a region. With that selected region, Lens is able to tell you almost anything about what you’ve selected and can show you related searches as well. Lens is also able to select email addresses on things like flyers and allows you to immediately send an email to that address without having to remember the address yourself. However, it was noted that since this is still early in the Lens’ life there may be a few slip ups, but things will inevitably get better over time.

Lens is also compatible with AR, allowing certain apps to feature Augmented Reality segments, allowing home decoration to occur without any actual furniture being moved. Google has also announced that AR stickers will be accessible with Lens, the stickers don’t just stand around though, they react to the environment and lighting around them as well as other stickers dropped into the same environment. Some the sticker packs announced include Stranger Things, YouTube, NBA, SNL, and Star Wars Episode IIX.



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