Sprint Logo-NJTechReviewsWhile T-Mobile and Sprint fight on the outside, especially with marketing and twitter fights, but they were in talks for several months. Yes, for a while now there has been a rumor of a potential merger between the two communication giants. Chances are it might have been hard to get approval for, given the size of the merger and the implications of it. These talks about a potential merger are officially done and no deal has been reached.

Sprint and T-Mobile each individually put out a statement late last week, with John Legere the CEO of T-Mobile have some pretty tough words. It seems that T-Mobile is coming out on the defensive and making the core reason was the customers–As they don’t want to have the network and carrier experience become a poor one. In the past 5 years since John Legere has taken over T-Mobile, they have made the carrier and its network a Grade A one and have brought change to the wireless industry.

Put simply, it is likely that if the merger went through, there would have to be many updates to Sprint’s networks, as it is still just isn’t up to par. But for the time being and it is always going to be a while, there is no merger, Sprint and T-Mobile will be staying separate.


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