CNN Heroes celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, and now 11 years down the road, the program is still going strong. Every year, CNN celebrates the top 10 heroes on one special night. Leading up to this event, CNN is letting you vote for who you think deserves to be Hero of the Year.

Beginning last year, CNN took advantage of Facebook Messenger’s API to allow interested users to cast their vote in a text format. This was similar to how you can text to donate or subscribe to a service. But for 2017, CNN has updated the experience when voting through Messenger. Since you can vote up to 10 times a day for who you think should be the Hero of the Year, you can now select the number of votes inline. CNN Heroes is a great example of how third parties can take advantage of the open API for Messenger and create new experiences.

“Our goal is to reach and engage new audiences and create a more personal experience,” said CNN’s Director of Social TV Eric Weisbrod. This mission is in line with other brands and what Facebook has been suggesting as use cases for Messenger.

In the running for CNN Hero of The Year for 2017 are Stan Hays, Samir Lakhani, Jennifer Maddox, Rosie Mashale, Andrew Manzi, Leslie Morissette, Mona Patel, Khali Sweeney, Aaron Valencia, and Amy Wright. This year CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute will be hosted by Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa. The event will be broadcasted live from the American Museum of Natural History in NYC at 8 PM on December 17th. You can vote up until midnight on December 12th via Facebook Messenger or through the CNN Heroes website.

In an effort to provide full disclosure, it should be noted that Jacob Krol is currently interning with CNN.


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