In terms of product rollouts for 2017, Sphero has a good year. They released several new products, some that proved there can still be surprises. For instance, the Ultimate Lighting McQueen robotic car features an animatronic mouth that really amazes. And for the Star Wars fan, they finally made an R2D2 robot and introduced us to BB9E.

And chances are many of their products will be on holiday wish lists and Sphero has just unveiled there Black Friday deals. The first of which is that with a purchase of any droid, including R2D2, BB8, and BB9E, you will get a Force Band free. Essentially when you buy a droid, you get a force band.

Even better than getting a free force band, you can expect savings on all the products introduced in 2017. And while Sphero is not yet giving out exact discounts, you can expect to save anywhere from $30-$50 off of the retail price. And while the Sphero Mini was already expected to be a great stocking stuffer at $50, depending on the Black Friday discount it might make the deal even sweeter.


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